Troy Cabida, 6/15/2015

Current Occupation: Customer Service Assistant
Former Occupation: Unemployed, Student
Contact Information: Troy Cabida (b. 1995) is a Filipino writer based in central London. His recent work has appeared on Our Own Voice, Thought Notebook and WORK. He is a columnist for Miracle E-Zine, Instazine21 and has been credited as an editor for several issues of Siblíní Journal and Thought Notebook. He has also self-published a poetry book titled Lost in London on Blurb, which will be rereleased as an e-book in 2015. Catch him blogging about life over at



The New Guy At Work


He’s got direction in his veins, focus on both pupils,

he wants to feel the pain, the exhaustion, the different kind of sleep.

He’s done with all of Youth’s bitchiness, to see through

the quarter life crisis that’s been waiting for him,


dreams for artistic satisfaction, a degree to hang on the wall,

that all expenses paid trip back to the motherland

and endless dates with his perfect girl.


He’s got a life to fix, you see.


So for £7.00 an hour

he won’t bother with you

and how much you think this job sucks


doo roo roo doo doo

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