Spey Rod, 10/22/2012

Current Occupation: Steelhead Stalker
Former Occupation: Composition-grading Robot for Large Urban Community Colleges
Contact Information: After 20 years of teaching college-level composition, Spey Rod uses the few brain cells he has left trying to trick big steelhead on Oregon’s Sandy River. You’ll have to find him on the river, but if you ask him if he wrote this poem, he will deny it.
Check out Spey’s “Post Tenure Fish in the Machine” and Satori on I-84 in the back issues of WORK.

In an old wood desk in a storage room
a man discovers a key
with the antique font “LOVE”
that, curiously, opens each room
in the building.

“Is this a joke?” asks the boss.
“I thought we destroyed those
years ago.”

It’s only a dream, of course.
But sometimes dreams happen.

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