Lea Baker, 2/11/2019

Current Occupation: Writing Instructor
Former Occupations: Nanny, Physical Therapy Technician, Lights and Sound Technician, Box Office Attendant, Student
Contact Information: Lea Baker is a fiction writer and educator from California. Her writing is often inspired by the many jobs she has filled on the way to becoming a teacher. Baker’s previous publications have appeared in Fiction International and O-Dark-Thirty.



Company Downsizing


    Oblivion has a cafe owned by a woman named Jane.

    John ended up in oblivion the day he was laid off from his job working on the centrifuge.

    “Too costly,” the supervisor said. He had meant to comfort John, but it didn’t work.

    John missed the bus home and wandered into space. Eventually he found himself at Jane’s counter.

    “What can I get you?”

    “Nothing. Coffee I suppose.”

    Oblivion can be disorienting, which is why John looked around, unsure.

    Others sat at tables with low hanging Coca Cola light fixtures and some stooped on stools along the counter. Everyone sat alone, head down, hands clasped on the surface in front of them.

    “Here you go, hon.”

    The coffee was poured. John bowed his head before the ceramic mug.

    His once busy world was now one long red counter, swivel seats, and checkered floor tiles.




One comment on “Lea Baker, 2/11/2019
  1. Don Cauble says:

    I’m sorry if this happened to you but it’s a damn fine poem.

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