Kathrine Yets, 2/17/2020

Current occupation: English instructor and florist
Former occupation: secondary English teacher
Contact Information: Kathrine Yets lives in St. Francis WI. She instructs English at various universities. Her chapbook So I Can Write is freshly published by Cyberwit. The Animal Within is forthcoming from Unsolicited Press.





I just watched 1 hour of videos on how to make cakes.

My hair is curled almost by single strands.  

Outfits picked for the next two weeks. 

Snapchat filters of bunny face with eyes enlarged. 

I'm beautiful.

Discovering the perfect combination of Kool Aid and sugar. 

What does my eye color mean?

Google. Google. Google. 

Scroll my wall.

Wash my walls. 

That picture on the wall looks crooked. 


500 emails and 75% are ads,

20% newsletters, 

5% students asking me to grade their papers…

Should probably do that. 

After I watch this cat video. 



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