iDrew, 4/9/2018

Current Occupation: Retail. Assistant manageress (living the dream!)
Former Occupation: Call Centre Operator / Customer Relations
Contact Information: Writing under the name of iDrew, to co-ordinate with her titles, Essex girl Drew has previously been published both on-line and in print.  She enjoys shopping, boys and clubs, claiming these are merely research for her writing.  She is one of the founding members of the Clueless Collective and to be found at:  Clueless Collective – Home



iCooper Clarke

yet again fucking rush i’m fucking late
‘cos i got drunk stoned shagged on a hot date
in a tiz i’m going fucking beserk
spilt me cuppa all down me fucking skirt
forgot to iron me crap fucking top        
that fucking says i fucking work
from nine to fucking six o’clock
in quidland

me fucking wholemeal toast is fucking burnt
me fucking hangover’s banging proper fucking hurts
the fucking radio’s a moronic drone 
can’t recall where the fuck’s me fucking phone
me keys me keys shit where the fuck’s me keys
now me brain’s got a memory disease
just as well i ain’t paid to think
just look cute act like an air hostess
in quidland

the fucking boss thinks it’s a bit of fun 
to lay his sweaty paws upon my bum 
all fucking grins when brushing passed my tits
i’ll fucking slap the pervy git 
i’ll fucking kick ‘im in his nuts
i’ll fucking tell me fucking bloke
who’ll fucking mash ‘im to a pulp
all fucking blood and fucking guts 
‘round the back
of quidland

this fucking place ain’t worth a fucking poke
the fucking pay is one sick fucking joke
you can fucking stick this shit fucking job
i’ve more than had e-fucking-nuff
i just don’t give a fucking toss
when i walk out it’s quidland’s loss
i’ll get a job
in top shop

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