Emily Schryver, 4/4/2016

Current Occupation: Janitor
Former Occupation: Supportive Living Specialist
Contact Information: Emily lives with her husband and their children. She likes to complain about her job to her ex-coworker and envision how she would word her two weeks notice. Emily likes to hike, read, and generally do anything unrelated to cleaning. 



Automated Idiocy


Julie and I were contacted by our third manager at this point. I didn't even bother to learn his name. He introduced himself and gave us two papers which had our names and employee codes.

"The timecards are now going to be off an automated system so you won't have to fill one out and send it in. You'll call in, enter your employee number, it’s right on the paper, and hit either the one or the nine and then the pound key." He instructed. "Make sure you don't go over your time."

"Okay." Julie and I nodded.

He asked if we had any questions and Julie piped up.

"Should we call in now, as in starting today?" She asked.

"Yes, that way you'll get paid today." He replied and about ran out the door.

We both pulled out our phones and dialed the number.

"Por favor, introduzca su número de empleado" The automated voice asked.

We tried again.

"Por favor, introduzca su número de empleado" The voice repeated.

I immediately looked for the manager and thankfully he was still parked out front of the building– spraying his work truck wind shield with someone else's supply of window cleaner.

"Uh, we've tried calling in, and it’s in Spanish." I abashedly said, calling the number for the third time.

He chuckled and said, "I may look like I can speak Spanish, but I actually can't."

"I have a cousin who has the same problem." I replied trying to make small talk.

He had to call two different managers. The first one didn't know how to fix the problem and the other finally said that we had to press nine for the instructions to be in English.

I walked back into the building, hitting the number to call again. I pressed nine and immediately it changed into English. “Please enter your employee number,” it asked. I clocked in and walked Julie through the process.

"Were we just profiled?" I jokingly asked Julie. "I mean do they just assume that we're Mexican because we're janitors?"

"They probably didn't realize two white people would even work for them, especially with how shitty the job and company are," Julie replied.

I knew she had had enough though. She really didn't appreciate this last manager basically treating us like we were a bother. Plus, with the constant change in managers with no notice, the lack of getting supplies when we need them – when the company is located just 45 minutes away – and the dismal hours with the equally dismal paychecks; she quit.

I was torn. I had just lost my second job due to that company closing and so it would mean a bigger paycheck, but then I would have to deal with these idiots all by myself.

Two weeks later, I was looking forward to the bigger paycheck. When I checked my account it was the same as if Julie worked with me. I texted Sophia about the problem immediately. I let her know that Julie had quit and I think she had sent the message to Reynaldo. I didn’t tell her that Reynaldo’s email was the only email Julie had to contact the company or that Julie had only given two days’ notice, as she was so fed up.

"He don't work with the company no more." Sofia texted back.

Neither does Julie! I wanted to scream. What’s with the automated system if you aren't going to check it?!

    I texted Julie complaining about the whole situation and asked that when she got paid, if she would give me the money. I even offered to share it with her. Julie texted back that she hasn’t called in since she quit and as the money was technically mine as I had done the work, she would happily hand it over.   

    I still get asked if Julie is going to work with me for the week. I still reply with the same answer, no. I’ve been asked to let them know when she does come back to which I politely reply that I will. It takes everything I have not to reply, “She don’t work with the company no more” and to be completely honest, I can’t wait to tell them that “I don’t work with the company no more.”

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