Carolyn Gregory, 5/14/2012

Current Occupation: Free lance classical music and theatre arts reviewer for STYLUS and community activist
Former Occupation: Academic hospital administrator and grant writer
Contact Information: Carolyn Gregory was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for Poetry this year, did a paid featured poetry reading at the Jamaica Plain branch of the Boston Public Library, another at Forsyth Chapel at Forest Hills Cemetery, and was a featured poet at the Boston celebrations for National Poetry month 2012 at the downtown branch of the Boston Public Library. Gregory has published poems and music/theatre reviews in American Poetry Review, Seattle Review, Bellowing Ark, Main Street Rag, Wilderness House Literary Reviewand STYLUS. Her book, Open Letters, was published in Boston in 2009, her book, Scenario, was published in 2011, and her next full length book, Facing the Music, will be published in 2012.



Walking in on skis
for support,
he drops a backpack
full of receipts.

He swears in German
something about persecution.
The assistants are lunatics,
administration worse.
It’s almost dark outside.

Once life was only science.
Articles published in Nature,
invitations to banquets.
His contributions were cutting edge,
his name cited by many.

Time is cruel.
It brings back surgery, fatigue
and foul moods.
An expensive home to sell,
children in Europe.

Praise and money don’t provide
the dust for dreams
they once did
when they fueled trips to the islands
where life is simpler and far away.



They never listened
as they raved about their trips
to Paris,
paid for a Mercedes
to roam the countryside.

They never acknowledged
how messages were written
with perfect grammar
between Boston and Singapore,
offering a recommendation
for someone invisible.

They did not care
that she worked with bronchitis,
ignoring slammed doors,
ducked loud Russian and German

and she did what was told,
putting her life on hold
for someone else.

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