Anthony Jones, 3/6/2011

Current Occupation: Basketball Coach
Former Occupation: High School Teacher
Short Biographical Statement: ANTHONY JONES lives in Brooklyn, works in the Bronx. He was the 2007 recipient of UCLA’s Ruth Brill Scholarship, awarded for excellence in creative writing. His short stories and poems have appeared (or are scheduled to appear) in The Montreal Review, PANK magazine, The Furnace Review, Westwind, Poetry Quarterly, Storychord, Miracle Monocle,, The Write Room, Orion Headless, and Phantom Kangaroo. Currently, he spends his free time warning people about the danger of falling in love with robots, which you can see here:


the mad scientists at prom

i never thought they’d show up
but here they were—
the mad scientists at prom

we smashed all their beakers
and crushed all their test tubes
but here they were in their lab coats—
ready to experiment on the dance floor

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