Andrew Paul, 3/23/2020

Current Occupation: Horticulture Assistant
Former Occupation: Pharmacy Assistant
Contact Information:  My name is Andrew Paul. I am 30 years old. My birthday is coming up. I'm going to have a big party and you're invited. Vote 4 me.



It's Monday. Another day another dollar. Minimum wage bullshit. Depression setting in. Can't wait to down that bottle when I get home. Is that all I'm worth?

Tuesday. Shit I don't want to go in. I hate my job. I hate the people. I hate how insignificant I feel. Am I really just a robot who does what he's told? What about creativity and initiative?

Wednesday. Another day another dollar. Can't hack this life. I can't do this anymore. I'm tired of the status quo. What do I do? I've got a family to feed at home.

Thursday. Shit. It's almost the end of the week. Better look busy. Better smile and nod. I'm dying. My soul is wilting and I don't belong here anymore.

Friday. Today is going to be my final day. I can feel it. My life is too terrible. I don't feel pain or sorrow. I just feel sadness. I am depressed. I'm sorry.

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