Adrienne Christian, 2/22/2010

Current occupation: MFA Student at Pacific University and Associate Poetry Editor for Silk Road Literary Journal
Former occupation: Assistant Manager of Instruction at Berlitz Languages International
Contact info: Feel free to email me at When I am not writing, I spend my days traveling, Facebooking (if that’s a word), and trying new recipes. My most recent work has been accepted by Miller’s Pond, 42 Magazine, and Good Housekeeping.


The Ad Agency Workers

No one wants to be here
In boxed-in solitude.
We won’t make art, we fear –
creative flow subdued.

In boxed-in solitude,
we wait here for our tasks.
Creative flow subdued,
we do just what Boss asks.

We wait here for our tasks –
the same ones as last year.
We do just what Boss asks;
why even keep us here?

The same year after year –
because this model worked.
To it we must adhere
in khakis and blue shirts.

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