Abigail Hargreaves, 7/29/2013

Current Occupation: Student
Former Occupation: Student/McDonald's Cashier
Contact Information: Abigail Hargreaves grew up staring out the back windows of her suburban home in Derry, New Hampshire.  She is currently the Head Residential Assistant of New Student Programming at Hollins University (Roanoke, VA) where she studies Creative Writing and Psychology.  She spends her time prowling the aisles of local libraries and bookstores wherever she may be, splitting her time between Roanoake; Washington, DC; and Derry.



From a Cardboard Box

Tiffany J. Hawkins

Between 880 and 881 Vista View Road

Cardboard Box #2

New York, New York 10013

(812) 555-6843


May 16, 2013

Mr. Hiring Manager

A Place to Work

51 Big Shot Lane

New York, New York



Dear Mr. Hiring Manager,

I need a job. Like most people in this country, I did the whole college thing and came out with a stack of bills – and I don’t mean dollar bills. I majored in education, but I’m open to just about anything at this point. I think you’ll find I’m adaptable. Whatever I can do to assist you works for me. I won’t even ask for wages enough to live on – I know those don’t exist in an entry-level position.

See, I did five internships while I was in college. I can type and answer phones, make coffee and push paper like a boss. I know a bit about everything. I could talk philosophical circles around you, analyze data like nobody’s business, and write a killer email. Of course, you probably won’t ever get a chance to see me do any of this in action. You’ll look over this letter just like the rest of them and call me just another member of Generation Me.

That’s the problem with all of you. I’d never say this to your face, but my generation isn’t self-centered or lazy. We just don’t have enough opportunities. It’s so competitive. You’d never survive it.

Still, on the off-chance you’re still reading (perhaps you find my candidness refreshing), I’m up for an interview. Of course, I won’t be able to dress appropriately. I’ve been unable to find work since I left my fast food job in high school to go to college and can’t afford new clothes. I promise to wear something, but I don’t know that it will be more than a plastic bag. You’ll find my email address on my resume, though I only ever check it once a week. The library kicks out bums like me. I guess you have to have money to make money.

Let me know if you’re interested. I’m free anytime to chat. Most days I just sit in my box and write poetry on the walls.


Tiffany Hawkins

2 Comments on “Abigail Hargreaves, 7/29/2013

  1. Abby, this is so interesting. It’s sad to think that it does apply in some ways to many people. It actually does apply in some ways to older people and their job search problems.

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