Thank you for seeking a connection with the editorial management of WORK.

You may connect with us in following ways:

1) Contact Field: Below please find a contact form (paste your submission into the body of the message);

2) Email: workzine @ with WORD attachment;

3) Mailing List: Join the e-mailing list and receive weekly updates from team WORK;

4) Facebook: Get chummy on Facebook;

5) LinkIn: Connect your professional profile to WORK; or

6) PO Box: While WORK does not accept paper submissions, the editors, upon advance approval and mutual agreement, are available on a limited basis to read and respond to full-length manuscripts for review, revision or editorial guidance. Anyone wishing to engage the editors’ services will need to make contact as stipulated in sections #1 or 2.

WORK was founded and continues to be maintained by Julie Madsen. You can ‘friend’ her on Facebook or Twitter if you are so inclined. Please do not expect to be followed back without an introduction.


    Julie Madsen's Hallwylska
    Hallwylska by Julie Madsen

    2 Comments on “Contact

    1. Would you accept a submission that has been published on my Our Salon and Open Salon blogs?

      Patrick Frank

      • WORK does not publish previously published works. You have self-published your writing via the blog platform.

        In our four year history publishing at minimum 52 pieces per year, we made one exception to our rule for an exquisite piece of writing that was first printed in Psychology Today. As PT is a specialty publication, due to the unlikelihood of cross-over readership, and that the piece was so lovely, we decided to waive our usual rule in that one instance.

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