Peter F. Crowley, 4/8/2019

Current Occupation: Abstracting & Indexing Workflow Coordinator
Former Occupation: Courier
Contact Information: Peter Crowley is an independent writer and scholar with a M.S. in Conflict Resolution, Global Studies from Northeastern University. He works as Content Specialist/Production Coordinator for a prominent library science company. For fun, he plays in bluesy rock band around the Boston/NYC area. His writings can be found in Boston Literary Magazine, Mint Press News, (several publications in) Wilderness House Literary Review, 34th Parallel Magazine, Counterpunch, Foreign Policy Journal, Work Literary Magazine, Opiate Magazine, Truthout, Green Fuse Press,, Peace Review (forthcoming), Mondoweiss, Visitant (forthcoming), Peace Studies Journal, Ethnic Studies Review, Libertarian Institute, Middle East Monitor, Dissident Voice, Inquiries Journal and a periodical publication of the Brookline, MA Historical Society. He is currently working on finishing up his first book with the working title The American Condition: American Zeitgeist, False Dilemma, Worker Precarity, the Blitzkrieg Event and Foreign Relations in Times of Rapid Change. His website is located here:



All for the best

When jobs went to India or Vietnam,

it was never suggested we be enthused

Instead, the topic was meticulously avoided

until, down came the axe


But when AI emerged, threatening to discard employment

like a snotty Kleenex thrown into the gutter,

we’re to mimic the boss’s Dr. Pangloss sentiments.

As algorithms take our place,

please remember – it’s all for the best!



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