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Over the years of making WORK we have watched banks collapse, governments collapse, employment opportunties collapse, and even our friends collapse under debt, scams and bankruptcy. Folks are still protesting student loan debt, mortgage crisis, and business bailouts. Since 2009, we've seen the shift in cultural consciousness from bookstrapping to crowdfunding. So we are asking you to tip team WORK.

We strive to give you the finest writing we receive. Writers are treated with respect and their work stands on its own (bios are read after our determination is made). Our goal is to provide a site through which writers can share true and fictionalized stories about all things work, and we hope you appreciate the uncanny creative energy in each piece.

We have managed to keep WORK ad-free since the beginning, and we decided against a subscription model because we felt the writers deserve their work to be read by the most people possible. However, as time progresses and inflation continues, we see how a little ad revenue would go a long way. Help keep WORK free for all to enjoy without interruption by contributing what you can today.

paypal: workzine @ gmail.com

Your generosity means WORK can continue, and maybe even grow.


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Over the years, there were many initiatives we wanted to start but couldn't due to lack of funds: paying the writers, print editions, a Best of Anthology, merchandise so you can show the world you care, a senior story series featuring interviews of elders about jobs that no longer exist, a teen story series interviewing about first jobs, and writing workshops for individuals suffering job loss or displacement. Not to mention paying editors.

These initiatives could still come true, but we need your support to make them happen. Tip team WORK.

Keep WORK online by tipping team WORK.

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