William Conable, 4/26/2010

Current Occupation: poet
Former Occupation: ship’s mechanic, competitive cyclist, Boy Scout, boxer, etc.
Contact Information: William Conable takes long muddy rides in the hills of Concord, California.



Drove 15 miles of logging road;

jeep in 4 wheel. Climbing 8000’.

We were silent,

each harboring thoughts.

Conversation (hushed by the Mountain)

gravel road—woodchips–sawdust,

empty miller cans:

evidence of profit

evidence of destruction.

Subdivision coming soon.

Mountains can’t attend zoning meetings.

Trailhead after 45 minutes of bumps,

lost traction confusion.

We hiked North East.

Mountain weather moved in;

fog banks in low passes.

The electricity of alpine snow.

i carried matches for a fire.

We meditated through snow,

old growth

Big Trees.

Last stand for the Elders.

She asked,

“How could we do that?”

i was silent

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