Vincent Casaregola, 2/4/2019

Current Occupation: College Teacher
Former Occupation(s): Fast Food Worker, Library Worker, Factory Worker, Retail Sales Worker, Government Worker, Tech Writer, Marketing Writer, High School Teacher,
Contact Information: Vincent Casaregola teaches Literature, Writing, and Film at Saint Louis University.  He has been teaching in high school or college, at different institutions, for over thirty years.  He has published poetry in a number of places, but he is still trying to publish a book-length collection.



The Right Ingredients
[Transcription from an actual job interview conversation overheard in the coffee shop.]
“The question is—
do you have the right ingredients? 
That’s what they care about.
“Because when they get you,
they’re going to take you
and pour you into this mold,
and turn you into
this amazing selling machine
that’s going to make
an enormous amount of money. 
“But the question is—
do you have the right ingredients?”

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