Vincent Bell, 9/9/2019

Current Occupation: Poet
Former Occupation: Financial Manager // Management Consultant
Contact Information: Vincent Bell was born in New York City. He received degrees from New York University and Fordham University. He had always wanted to be a writer, but went into business after graduate school. He continued to write poetry while working and in retirement is writing full-time. Vincent has been studying at the Hudson Valley Writers Center with Jennifer Franklin. He has also taken workshops with Nick Flynn, Chris Campanioni, and Michael Collins. He lives in Ardsley, NY with his wife and they have two grown children.
Acknowledgements include: Plume (Fall 2019), Pank, The Ravens Perch, Mudfish 21, Work Literary Magazine, off Course, The Westchester Review, and Live at the Freight House.



When I exited from

the subway on the Bowery

early on a weekend morning
to buy a guitar in a pawnshop,

I saw bodies scattered all over
the sidewalk or propped up
in doorways, asleep in pools
of their own. The bars were open
for them as they woke up.


Mostly men, they wore someone
else’s stained suit. I couldn’t see
that this was their life; that this
was where they lived.

The suits made me think that
something happened to them
on their way home from work;
as if they were trapped in time.


2 Comments on “Vincent Bell, 9/9/2019

  1. Such a vivid picture of the Bowery and the speaker’s feelings at the time told so in so few words. Excellent!

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