Sugar Tobey, 9/24/2018

Previous employment: Art handler
Current employment: Art conservator
Contact Information: Born in Coney Island Brooklyn. Received a degree from the School of Visual Art in Manhattan. Now lives in NYC above a pizza parlor.


Right Livelyhood
I joined the assembly line
day one was deadening
I learned all about
my predecessor Jimmy
from those who believed
they were his friends
where he parked his car
what he ate for lunch
how he liked to hang
his coat on the hook
in just the right way
Jimmy worked that line
for thirty years
I'm sure he too found
day one deadening
One comment on “Sugar Tobey, 9/24/2018
  1. Don Cauble says:

    An Art Handler (What’s an art handler?) on an assembly line? I’m sure not only day one but many days after would be deadening! Nice poem.

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