Robert Bak, 10/26/2015

Current occupation: Agent/Manager for BAK Editions.
Former occupation: DynaTheater & Planetarium Manager for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.
Contact Information: Robert has been involved with the entertainment business for many years. First starting off as a stage manager Off-Off Broadway in NYC, and then working in Los Angeles and Albuquerque. He has been a director and producer of plays with national award winning playwright William Derringer. In addition to his involvement in theater, Robert has written a number of short stories. He would like to thank William for the training and insight of what the writing process is. Robert is very pleased that his story, “Dark All Over” is being published in Work Literary Magazine.





    You must be thinking, a flying vase?  I did not think so either, except on that bright spring day, driving in my delivery truck.  I had my set of deliveries, which were loaded on the front shelf of the truck.  My ensuing stop was from Bloomingdale’s.  As I turned the corner, with the side door open, the box flew out.  It landed on a grassy section, and out of the box came this beautiful cobalt blue vase.  I immediately stopped the truck, and I ran to retrieve it.  Not a scratch or mark on it.  I quickly grab it, the paper tape that was used just came apart in my hand.  I carefully put the vase back in the box.  I then placed it in a safe part of the truck, to bring back to the office, where I would tape it back up, and the package would look as good as new.  The next day, off I went again, and I was able to deliver it, with no one knowing how far it had flown.


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  1. How many of us have covered up problems we had at work. I have also covered for other people.

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