Randy Simons, 6/11/2012

Current Occupation: Nickel Plater in an ammunition factory

Former Occupation: Trimsawyer in a sawmill

Contact Information: Randy Simons leads a double life between his job in an ammunition factory and an adjunt position teaching college English. He recieved his MFA from Pacific University. At home, he keeps busy with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs.


Letters to an ammunition factory

Ryan Carter
P.O. Box 218
Big River, ID 86911
(208) 745-1892


Allen Brothers Ammunition
925 11th Street
Big River, ID 86911
(208) 745-1927

Dear Hiring Committee,
I am applying for the Assistant Set-Up position as advertized in the Sunday classifieds. I believe that my work ethic and willingness to both learn and always improve make me a prime candidate for the job.
I have recently moved to the valley from Sandpoint Idaho to attend college at Big River Community College. I am enrolled as a business major with a minor in accounting. My previous place of employment was Jackson Lumber where I ran the Stacker. I was also responsible for driving a forklift, general maintenance of the machine, as well as recording and organizing the “finished” production numbers for the entire planer department.
I am available for an interview at your convenience and can be reached at the telephone number above. Thank you for your consideration.

Ryan Carter

To my friends at Allen Brothers Ammunition,

It is my great pleasure to write this letter commending you on a job well done. My success as a professional sportsmen is directly related to the quality of the products that I use in the field, and your ammunition is top notch.
Two weeks ago I bagged a 1400 pound Alaskan Brown Bear. I was shooting a .338 Wheatherford, using your 225 grain Power-Shock bullet. The Bruin was over three hundred yards away and I only fired one time. From past experience and range time, I know how accurate and consistent your ammunition is and had every confidence in a humane kill before I pulled the trigger.
I couldn’t be any happier shooting the products that you work so hard to make. The workmanship and quality are evident and the dependability has helped me achieve a high level of success in my field. I have included a photograph of the bear as proof of our shared success.
Thanks for making such a dynamite product.

James Cary
Host of Cary’s Outdoor Experience

From: Kevin Scott—Manager Health and Safety
To: All Supervisors
Subject: Recent safety incident

Please share with employees at department meetings:

On July 18th an employee working in the Rimfire Metal Department suffered a heat stroke and was sent by ambulance to St. James Hospital for treatment. The employee has since been released from the hospital and should make a full recovery.
The biggest cause of heat stroke/heat exhaustion is dehydration. Employees are urged to drink plenty of clear fluids not only throughout their shift, but also while they are off the clock. The average person should drink between three and four liters of water/clear fluids per day in order to stay properly hydrated. Also try to limit alcohol consumption as well as the drinking of dark fluids as these tend to dehydrate instead of help.
A list of common symptoms of heat stroke include:

Throbbing headache
Lack of sweat despite the heat
Muscle weakness or cramps
Rapid heartbeat

There are a number of work areas on our plants that are subject to severe heat in the summer months and we need to take the initiative to show up to do our jobs properly hydrated to avoid any heat-related illness. It is also crucial to watch your co-workers. Keep your eye on them throughout the day to make sure that they aren’t showing any of these signs. If you or a co-worker does have any of these symptoms, find a cool place to sit down and contact a supervisor or the health department at once.
The summer months are a time for family vacations and trips to the beach, but please remember to stay safe. Sun exposure and lack of hydration can result in serious medical conditions. So please, drink plenty of water and stay safe.

To the employees of ABA who volunteered and donated to the Community Action Project,
Thank you so much for donating your time and energies to such a worthy cause. We were able to purchase a large tract of land, install new playground equipment complete with soccer fields and basketball courts, and dedicate the park to the children of the valley. From your employees alone we raised over 68,000 dollars by way of the silent auction, paycheck donations, and employee run car wash. This commitment to the project and generousness is heads and shoulders above any other company involved. There were also 26 volunteer ABA employees helping to install the equipment and groom the property. It was a lot of work but the results are worth the effort.
This park will serve as a part of the Boys and Girls Club and will allow more children a safe and healthy place to go once school is out for the day or mom and dad have to leave for work. The park will also serve the city for various sporting events such as soccer, tee-ball, and flag football.
In our struggling economy, it truly warms my heart and reaffirms my belief that the valley is a very special place to live to see such selflessness on the part of your workers. We are very grateful and hope to make you all proud of your commitment to our cause.
My most sincere gratitude,

Stephanie Wise
Director of the Boys and Girls Club

Dear fellow ABA employees,
As we close the books on another outstanding year at ABA, a good year resulting in strong sales and continued growth, we can all look back with a sense of pride at a job well done. Your commitment to success both humbles and inspires me.
As we face the new year we will do so with the same determination to excellence. However, I will no longer be serving as your CEO as this letter is announcement of my retirement.
In my 35 years with the company I have seen the industry evolve greatly and have tried to do my part to keep us in a position to succeed. Our company has continued to grow, acquiring such companies as ProShot, Jansen, and Blamo. We have secured new government contracts as well as new opportunities abroad. New facilities have been built in Springfield and Salt Lake City.
Before my retirement becomes official I will be aiding in the transition of Shaun Hayes as your new CEO. Shaun has served as a part of our head of logistics management department in Washington DC for the past 8 years and will do a fine job and your new leader.
The future holds man challenges for ABA. The war overseas is winding down and the economy is still soft, but we have equipt ourselves with a business strategy we believe will continue our success.
As I leave you I look forward to my retirement. Traveling. Spending time with my family. Hopefully improving my golf game. But know that I will miss you all. I have always felt that ABA is a large family in itself and it will forever be a pride of mine to have been a part of it.
Take care and God bless.
Steven M. Hudson

Date: November 21 2010
To: All Employees
Subject: PTO Balances

Dear Employees,
Let this email serve as a reminder that PTO balances must be exhausted by the 5:00 pm eastern time on December 29th. Accounts with time remaining will be bought out by the company and the time will be lost. Please be in contact with your supervisors to schedule time off. It is your responsibility to manage your own time.
Thank you,

George Herbert
Director Human Resources


To the perverts at Allen Brothers Ammunition,
Calling your shameless endorsement of “professional hunter” James Cary a disgrace is a gross understatement. Cary, who recently shot and killed an African Elephant for his television show, Cary’s Outdoor Experience, all the while smiling and flashing your products and logo. Not to mention every commercial break filled with more of your advertising.
This is only a single instance of your endorsement into the senseless murder of animals. Cary has also been filmed shooting impalas, water buffalo, zebras, and kangaroos, as well wolves and reindeer. The sickest part of the situation is that these animals have been killed for the trophy that they provide. The large antlers or fur cape to pin to the wall. It is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves for not only funding, but also supporting such acts of sin.
And to label what Cary does as “hunting” is, in itself, a pitiful cover-up. Cary travels to contained farms/ranches and game reserves where the animals are fed specials diets to make their antlers grow faster and larger and they are unable to escape the property. This is just another form of disrespect and disregard to the animals themselves.
I write this letter with the bleak hope that it will open your eyes to the truth of what you are supporting. Stop this inhumane act.
Sarah Berg.

Date: 6/12/2009
To: All Employees

As of yesterday, June 11th 2009, Allen Brothers Ammunition and all of its affiliates were purchased by Scolefield Technologies. Scolefield was started in Lincoln Nebraska back in the late 1930’s by Davis Scolefield and his son Michael. The company has steadily grown since then to become the biggest manufacturer/distributer of ammunition and ammunition products in the United States.
In spite of what you may have heard, the purchase of ABA is for business expansion and employees needn’t fear a layoff or slow down of any kind. If anything, the plant will be responsible for more contracts and may require more workers.
Meetings have been set up to introduce your new management team and at that time they can answer any other questions that you might have. I know that this comes as a shock as ABA has a long and proud history but it is my belief that together, we can take the company to new heights. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the Scolefield family and look forward to seeing you soon.

Shaun Hayes
Scolefield Technologies

To New Employees of Scolefield Technologies,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our family. We are proud to gain such a quality group of workers to our labor force. At this time we would like for you to log onto our employee service page open a New Employee file. Once started you will be able to enter information regarding family status, W2 information, retirement planning, as well as apply for jobs inside the company and view your paychecks and vacation balance. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to call us at (602) 448-1596.

Jodie Robinson
HR Generalist


Date: 8/19/2012
To: All Employees at the Bronson Plant

It is with great sadness that I write this letter to you today to inform you of tragic news. In spite of recent cost saving and production increasing efforts, Scolefield Technologies will be shutting down its Bronson operation beginning in January of next year.
The reasoning behind this decision is in direct correlation to the state of our current economy and our company’s struggle to stay competitive in a soft market-place. We have hopes that by reducing our labor force slowly, we may be able to weather this economic storm and, with luck, hire back our current employees. Shutting down the plant was never the intention of Scolefield Technologies but instead, an unfortunate situation with no easy solution.
The first wave of layoffs will begin at the first of the next pay period. It is recommended that Employees visit the unemployment office for information regarding unemployment benefits and aid in finding work elsewhere. Layoffs will be determined on a seniority-first basis and Employees should meet with their supervisors to determine their standing.
I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Shaun Hayes
Scolefield Technologies

Dear Roger,
Well, Boss Man, I guess this letter makes it all official. I’ll be packing up the wife and kids and leaving town next week. The writing has been on the wall ever since Scolefield took over and I feel fortunate to find a new job before they could lay me off as well. They are quite the bunch of bloodsuckers. I wish you the best of luck and appreciate the letter of recommendation. If you ever find yourself around Sitka, Alaska, look me up. You’re more than welcome to our couch and maybe we can get into some of those famous salmon you always talk about.
Your Friend,
Ryan Carter

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