Rajni Mishra, 6/3/2019

Current Occupation: Digital Marketer
Former Occupation: Patents & Innovation Expert
Contact Information: A poet by religion, Rajni has been writing verses and cooking up stories for as long as she can remember. Her stories and poems have appeared in the Breadcrumbs Magazine, the Bangalore Review and Basil O’ Flaherty magazine. She works as a digital marketer and content stylist to support her writing habit. She currently resides in Bangalore in a home built of books.


Recipe for a Perfect Blog-o-nese


Hankering for a one-size-fits-all, perfect bowl

of Pen-ne Blog-o-nese in a rich, creamy sauce?

This smart Blog-o-nese has it all –

Pen-ne thoughts, inflated attitude,

creamy copy-pastes and melted jargons.


What do you need?


3 big mugs of borrowed content

½ cup of raw words

3 tablespoon of saucy thoughts

200 grams of extra-lean attitude

¼ cup of motivation

1 teaspoon of chopped inspiration

A pinch of originality

Grated creativity, for serving


How to make it?


Heat the motivation in a

medium sized saucepan at high heat.

Add the borrowed content and

cook until golden, at medium heat.

Add the raw words with the attitude,

stirring, until browned.

Add the motivation,

and the inspiration, if required,

or with a glass of water, gulp it down.


Dilute it with the saucy thoughts

and cook until al dente,

run a check and drain

the extra content.

Add the pinch of originality

and toss the dish to mix well.

Serve with the modicum of grated creativity,

and if they aren’t hungry,

serve them anyway,

shove it down their throats,

until they begin to like it

or even better,

until they throw up

all over the place.



One comment on “Rajni Mishra, 6/3/2019
  1. M. F. McAuliffe says:

    Melted jargons! Yum!

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