Peter F. Crowley, 9/30/2019

Current Occupation: Abstracting & Indexing Workflow Coordinator

Former Occupation: Courier

Contact Information: Peter Crowley is an independent writer and scholar with a M.S. in Conflict Resolution, Global Studies from Northeastern University. He works as Content Specialist/Production Coordinator for a prominent library science company. For fun, he plays in bluesy rock band around the Boston/NYC area. His writings can be found in Boston Literary Magazine, Mint Press News, (several publications in) Wilderness House Literary Review, 34th Parallel Magazine, Counterpunch, Foreign Policy Journal, Work Literary Magazine, Opiate Magazine, Truthout, Green Fuse Press,, Peace Review (forthcoming), Mondoweiss, Visitant (forthcoming), Peace Studies Journal, Ethnic Studies Review, Libertarian Institute, Middle East Monitor, Dissident Voice, Inquiries Journal and a periodical publication of the Brookline, MA Historical Society. His first book Those who hold up the earth is planned for publishing over the next year by Kelsay Books. His website is located here:


Bias for Action [a sing along]

A-my-name-is Andrew and I have a bias for action

I move this way and that, 

darting out just like a cat.

People must wonder what kind of cat is that?

I’m guilty, I discriminate on behalf of motion.


I have a trigger finger at work, 

sending email responses without a word in reply.

When a conference question is raised, 

I shoot up my hand, 

but my tongue goes limp.


In crowded elevators, I leap up and down, 

with a grin that begs others to join in.

After offering to be a front doormat, 

I confuse the foot by scuttling away

This causes some to curse aloud, 

but most appreciate my bias.


When I don’t leap or dart, I roll.

I’ve rolled straight from parking lot, 

past security guard, into the elevator, 

past our confused secretary 

and straight into my office.


One time, a coworker stepped on me, 

but I didn’t really mind too much

The boss chastised her –

for walking on we with zealous bias  



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