Peter Bates, 7/18/2016

Current Occupation: Freelance Documentary Photographer
Former Occupation: Technical Writer
Contact Information: Peter Bates is a writer and documentary photographer living in Florida with his photographer wife Cheryl. Neither of them shoots sunsets or pelicans. Peter is currently working on The Bodega Project, for which he has photographed bodegas in New England and Florida at twilight, using HDR (high dynamic range) techniques. He also interviews and photographs the owners.



Cisco’s Problem

The day they laid me off

I solved a software snafu that had plagued them for weeks.


It was

The found sock in the fitted sheet,

The scratch of the itch between the blades,

The snatched cricket under the bed,

The oiled squeak under the seat of the car past warranty.

I didn’t tell them.


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  1. Julie Lawson says:

    That’s great!!! LOL

  2. Lisa says:


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