Parnavi, 3/12/2018

Current Occupation: Student
Former Occupation: N/A
Contact Information: Parnavi is a student of class 9th, St Mary’s Academy, Meerut. She aspires to become a doctor and make her parents proud of herself. Her hobbies include dancing and writing and she maintains a diary of her own to recall the exciting moments of her life. She states that reading this diary in her leisure time provides her immense happiness.



* Poem by a woman tired of this world *

To me I am a prisoner who is living in horror of being a girl
But I am more precious than a pearl
For me my feets are locked
I am not allowed to leave this world
As I am a toy for anyone’s joy
They can use me or throw me but will never let me free
My hands on the other side are tied up by a thick chain of marriage
Where my husband doesn’t give me respect
To him I am not worth than his shoes
But I have decided to tape my mouth
For the sake of my kids
As they will loose hope from this world
And a dad as well
Let no other pearl be disappearing from this world
Let them free
Make their feets walk
And give them a voice to talk.

4 comments on “Parnavi, 3/12/2018
  1. X says:

    Its really a beautiful poem .
    the writer really deserves a standing applause for it .
    such kind of thoughts can influence the world and can make a great difference in the society .
    keep going and i expect more of such poems from this writer

  2. Zimmy says:

    Beautiful Poem

  3. Wounded Lion says:

    I am leaving this comment just to see if you still visit this page .
    Awesome poetry by the way ..????

  4. Partner says:

    Thanks all for ur comments n I do visit this site very often

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