Mike Berger, 3/19/2012

Current Occupation: Retiree

Former Occupation: PhD Psychologist

Contact Information: I am bright, articulate, handsome and humble.



He was tall and thin but

hard looking. He was maybe 40

but he had 200,000 miles

on his chassis. One of an endless

string of long haul truckers.

He drank black coffee and

ate a sandwich. He a thing for

his waitress, who looked right

past him..

He wasn’t subtle about his

approach. “There is a bed in

the back of my truck.”

Living on tips she can’t say,

“Dream on.” She just displayed

her wedding band. He took the

hint, finished his coffee and moved

on down the road..

I ordered a refill of coffee and

spoke to my waitress, “That

other waitress is a knockout too bad

she is married.” My waitress laughed.

She puckered her lips and she said,

“She’s not married, she wears that

ring to keep guys like you away.”



Planning for a campout with my

scout troop, I was reminded by

my wife that I needed to include

each of the four food groups in

every meal.

That sounds simple enough, but

it is much harder than it seems.

I struggled to make it all fit and

became extremely frustrated.

I got help from the boys in the

troop. They laughed at my silly

attempts. They had a simple

straightforward solution.

They told me to buy a gaint bag

of Skittles. They contained the four

food groups, red, orange, green,

and blue.

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