Max West, 4/2/2012

Current Occupation: Schedule Analyst

Former Occupation: Starving Artist

Contact Information: Max West is a creative writer, musician, and graduate of UC Davis, who has published articles, a book entitled Fourteen Months and Two Weeks Downtown: A Fictional Documentary with Names Changed to Protect the Guilty, poems and several chapbooks of poetry, including Professions, Pocket Poems Vol. 1, and Semi-Serious Multi-Faceted Flowering Wheel Poem. He resides in Sacramento, California. More words available at:


Big Projects

I’m always a little afraid to finish

Big Projects

Because I think they could finish ME

(And in some ways, do)

But then I think,

“Even if the work

Meant your life were through,

Would you choose instead

To let it go?”

And then my answer, always

Joyfully, proudly,





Coffee only gets you

so far

if you haven’t learned to

be properly motivated

by the enjoyment

of the overwhelming


of the most simple moments,


the bad ones


Basics of Success

what ingratitude

on all the preceding pages

for the luxury of time to put

even one word down with

food on the table,

stable home, the health of children

all the basics

of success met

and not much of the excess

that spoils it


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