M. F. McAuliffe, 4/15/2019

Current Occupation: Co-founder & contributing editor, Gobshite Quarterly and Reprobate/GobQ Books
Former Occupations: Co-founder & contributing editor, Gobshite Quarterly
Contact Information: Many former jobs & one good manager every ten years. The good managers didn't last long.





In the lighted room

the editors

at their sleek

brown desks

surrounded by

open carpet and neon


sit sideways

to the windows


Their bookcases


with hanging gardens



like waterfalls


the editors dream of

walking in old growth forest


In the darker room

cluttered, crowded

metal cans of computer-tape

floor to ceiling

data entry sit

with their backs to the window


The walls are covered

with five-foot posters of basketball stars

climbing the air

in shoes like rock, in shoes like concrete


Data entry can’t move in the crush


dream of

bursting upwards,




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