Kyle Kutz, 4/23/2018

Current Occupation: Security Officer, Freelance Writer, Small Business Owner
Former Occupation: Salesman, Laborer 
Contact Information: Kyle Kutz is a semi-recent graduate of Kutztown University, earning his B.A. in professional writing. His work has appeared in Expressions, Essence, Shoofly, Draft, The Jet Press, Better Than Starbucks!, Not Your Mother's Breast Milk, Gumption, and Aberration Labyrinth. He resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, writing freelance for LNP and marketing for Woven Spectrums, a local boutique.



The Dance

Damn it!

They judge,
You deliver:

Your heart,
Your body,
Your mind,
Your soul.

And hope –
No, pray –
That your all is enough

To breathe,
Once again,

To hold
Your head high.



Free Samples

Just toss away
Your napkin,

So as not
To pollute my tray.

I'd hate for others
To catch an illness,

Like your lack
Of common courtesy,


Blue Collar

I've died
A few times before.

Havin' slaved, labored,
Like a two-bit whore,

Just to cater to
Her every whim

Before she ran,
Out the door,
Seekin' life again.


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