Kim Ann, 2/25/2019

Current Occupation: Call Center Representative.
Former Occupation: Credit Representative and a Tax Representative.
Contact Information: Kim Ann lives in Northern Nevada with her family. She has had good jobs in the past. Kim has been published in Reno News & Review and  Sparks Tribune and online at BLUNTmoms, StyleThrive, Twisted Sister Lit Mag, Mad Swirl, and Peeking Cat Poetry.



The Tune of Work

Timidly, to the one Human Resources Representative the small call center employs, I advise of the man on the other side of me singing and using his desk as a drum for the past two hours. I mention he actually has been doing it for over a year but he never sat so close to me before.

I ask if I am being unreasonable. She replied that it's my reality.

I notice she offers no resolution so I ask if I can tell him to stop. She said I can if I am comfortable in doing so. Does she not realize that is why I came to her? My rationale thought she would send out a memo stating that we are at work not home and professional behavior is a must. I guess karaoke is professional.

Of course I am not comfortable and I now know I'm not getting any assistance. Highly disappointed, I go back to my desk. The drumming continues and actually shakes my tiny desk. I huff and puff trying to alert the singing co-worker but if he gets the hint, he could care less.

I brainstorm and head back to HR. I ask if I can move my computer and phone. The call center forbids any personal items so I have no plants or pens to box up to move. She gives me permission.  In five minutes, I'm now a row away from the loud singer.

It helps my desk from shaking but not my ears. This dude is loud and does sound effects.

The director stops at my new location and asks me if I didn't like my old spot. I whisper that the guy sings and drums. She smiles, nods, and moves on. What?!

HR is on her way to a smoke break and I frantically wave her over. She kneels down and I tell her to listen. She says yes that would annoy her.

I take a break myself and while I'm in the lunch room, a supervisor approaches me. I know it's about my complaint so I worry. He asks if I would like to move to the back of the room so I'm comfortable. While it's a gesture and I agree, I'm still in shock that the singing is allowed to continue and I'm the one to sacrifice.


One comment on “Kim Ann, 2/25/2019
  1. Don Cauble says:

    Get a pair of earplugs for yourself, then a streaming service, and turn the music up full blast and aim it at your co-worker. 🙂

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