Kendall Sharpe, 7/8/2013

Current occupation: Barista 
Former occupation: Barista
Statement: Kendall Sharpe lives, writes and breaths eastern Pennsylvania. From city streets to corn fields he hopes to capture all he sees in surreal clarity. 
Selected Incident Reports
Note: These poems are a collection of found text from incident reports at a Starbucks I worked at in Philadelphia. No text has been added or change, I have only arranged them.



Around 8:30am Katie informed me that

a "customer" had been in the bathroom for a long          time

I knocked on the door and waited

as he walked by

        I heard something drop on the ground

I looked


there was a needle laying on the floor.

I tried to get the man's attention but he ignored me.






The store was closed

I was locking the door

the man tried to enter – I told him we were closed


he asked for a sandwich

    I said, "No"


He told me if he found me there again he'd rob me

I asked, "why?"

        and he tried to take my phone


I ran away.





No date

  Around 930am [NAME REDACTED] went on his final ten
he alerted Informed me that their was a syringe wrapper in the sink
along with coffee all over the floor
Alberto Z. cleaned up the mess

and then a male (white, 50's -60's white beard, hunchback and white hair) entered the restroom
Chris knocked on the door, for the customer to exit

Finally when a family needed to use the bathroom in question
the hunchback customer left the area.

The family was instructed to use the ladies restroom
so that I could suvery the men's room

Once inside I found a burnt crack rock in a metal

*a note on the bottom reads: Police called Arrived 1 ½ later =(





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