June Sylvester Saraceno, 3/24/2014

Current Occupation: Professor
Former Occupation: Waitress
Contact Information: June Sylvester Saraceno is author of Altars of Ordinary Light. Her second collection of poetry, of Dirt and Tar, is forthcoming from Cherry Grove Collections in spring 2014.



Sleeping with the Boss

The surprising thing is the new positions.

Sure, I had thought about heading

a few committees, maybe rising up

the ranks as a natural byproduct

of my slick moves,

but who could have guessed

the speedy ascent sparked by my assent?

It was easy, after the margaritas

and that messy divorce.

It’s like I’m queen for a day, every day,

well, Director, anyway, if you must know.


And the perks!

My old supervisor (that bitch)?

Reports to me now.

I have her desk and if you want a raise,

you better butter me up

for that bread, honey.


Listen, can I put you on hold?

Looks like he’s on line 3.

I’ve asked for a window, you know,

I like to look out and considering

where my pinky has been

I’d say I deserve it!


Hell, I deserve everything

that’s coming to me!


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