Joe Cappello, 3/24/2014

Current Occupation: Marketing for a 100% Made in USA manufacturer/Fiction Writer
Former Occupation: Same as above
Your Short Biographical Statement: Joe Cappello has worked in a manufacturing/office environment most of his career and has written short stories, plays and poetry about his experiences. He has recently published an eBook collection of his short stories entitled, “Bridge to an End: Short Stories about Today’s Changing Workplace.” He invites you to read excerpts from his book at



Charts and graphs, numbers crunched, data analyzed,

Problems discussed,

Solutions sought.

Friday morning meetings.


Multi-colored paper serves the cold facts on a platter,

tracking lines up,

and bold bars down.


But on this day, I look to the side, then turn to look behind me,

To the men and women who represent the numbers and graphs of the

Friday morning meetings.


There’s Hugo and Danny, Mike and Ossi,

Joanna, Julian and Emil,

Real people whose lives and dreams, hopes and futures,

Depend on the success of the

Friday morning meetings.


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