Jean Rover, 11/7/2010

Current Occupation: Salem, Oregon freelance writer/editor
Former Occupation: I worked for several years in corporate and marketing communications for a large insurance company.
Contact Information: After years of writing about loss ratios, risks, new products and dealing with organizational politics, I finally escaped the dreary, gray world of cubicles. I am now on a happy, new path of writing fiction and poetry. Feel free to contact me at



Ah, my day’ s best time,
perched on a counter stool,
alone in my kitchen, before dawn,
my cocoon on a cold winter morning,
drinking coffee, nibbling toast,
jotting crowded thoughts into
a notebook of wide blue lines,
not wanting the day to break.
It’ s dark outside and quiet, except
for the furnace humming softly,
blowing warm air and the distant,
faint sound of a beckoning train,
the world out there, pulsing, chugging,
passing through, moving the stillness
like blood through a vein,
the dog still sleeping, the cat
wanting to go out.

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