iDrew, 4/11/2016

Current Occupation: Call Centre Operator / Customer Relations
Former Occupation: Retail Sales for a High Street Fashion Store
Contact Information: Writing under the name of iDrew, to co-ordinate with her titles, Essex girl Drew has previously been published both on-line and in print.  She enjoys shopping, boys and clubs, claiming these are merely research for her writing.  She is one of the founding members of the Clueless Collective and to be found at:  Clueless Collective – Home




at night

al chohol is my best mate

he makes me laugh and dissolves

away my inhibitions but

come the morning come the sunlight

moody al becomes my nemesis

makes me suffer for

drinking tea tortures me by taking

an axe and split-

ting my head forcing

nasty evil daylight

into my eyes as shameful

memories slowly crawl into my brain

no work today i’ll stay

in bed i’ll phone

my boss to say i’m ill

the icky girly thing

i think in future i’m better off to

stick with spliff and pills


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