Harry Calhoun, 12/14/2009

Current Occupation: Marketing writer for IBM and widely published but narrowly paid poet
Former Occupation: Same thing, different places for many years, plus an assortment of odd jobs
Contact Information: Harry Calhoun’s articles, literary essays, book reviews and poems have been published in magazines including Writer’s Digest and The National Enquirer. Recently, his online chapbook Dogwalking Poems and his trade paperback, I knew Bukowski like you knew a rare leaf, were published. The latter is now available from Trace Publications and on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online booksellers. He has had recent publications in Chiron Review, Still Crazy, SNReview, Orange Room Review, Bird’s Eye reView, Abbey, Monongahela Review and many others. Recently, he was one of 12 poets invited to LiteraryMary’s anthology, Outstanding Men of the Small Press.


The World of Sunday Afternoon

in the late afternoon, two-thirds drunk

working a crossword and ready

for a long late-spring’s nap,

the alcohol rolling away the stones

of death and work and weight gain

and approaching the eternal crossroads

the cross we meet and bear and

choose or reject, but today even without

listening to Bukowski’s beloved classical music

that I love too, the world seems

for a time, to be

a reasonable place to live

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