Greg Moglia, 11/28/2016

Current Occupation: Retired
Former Occupation: Teacher at Public Schools, Professor at NYU
Contact Information: Greg Moglia is a veteran of 27 years as Adjunct Professor of Philosophy of Education at N.Y.U and 37 years as a high school teacher of Physics and Psychology. His poems have been accepted in over 300 journals in the U.S., Canada, England, India, Australia,Sweden, Austria and Belgium as well as five anthologies. He lives in Huntington, N.Y.





You’re a pro…you do your job…you give what’s needed

Then one day…you come up a bit short…you mess up

Another day you screw up what you have done well for years


Makes you think…what’s changed?

Then a kid comes along

Does what you did so well for so long


Tell yourself…he’s a kid…won’t keep it up

But he does and it’s quicker…stronger

An the old-timer says The game tells you


You think… so what, sure the kid wins out

Great, I say to him, so what’s left – death?

You die…your done


The old timer But death isn’t just death

What the hell does that mean?

The other day a woman offers me


Her seat on the subway

I glance at my reflection in the window

I thank her and  smoothy…take the seat


No living death for me


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