Grace Dion, 2/19/2018

Current Occupation: I am retired.
Former Occupation: I've worked in a number of areas, but probably spent the most time as a probate paralegal. 
Your Short Biographical Statement: I'm delighted to now be job-free! 



A job is not a natural thing:
some diabolical creature proposed it
and its attendant woes:  repetition,
forced cohabitation with aliens
slithered from who knows what
crease or pock
in humankind’s wide corpus.

And the hours, the time-warped hours
sacrificed from your life — your life,
my friend, your soul’s very flesh —
Steadily all day your energy is sucked,
‘til at 5 o’clock the flattened sack
of your morning self blows out the door
like a dry leaf, home
to manufacture, with food and sleep,
energy for tomorrow and tomorrow.

We were designed to hunt and gather,
to move from place to place
with the seasons:  to move, 
not to sit like chainless prisoners
in holding pens, staring at screens,
waiting for the beep.

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