George Thomas, 10/30/2017

Current Occupation: Retired.

Former Occupation: I worked at many jobs. I even did some teaching, but most of my income earning life was as a machinist.

Contact Information: Born in Dayton, Ohio, I came West in my 30s. Hold an MFA from Eastern Washington University. Founded (edited for 2 years) the Willow Springs Magazine in 1977 and for six years published and edited George & Mertie’s Place: a literary microzine. My poem ³Legacy² was chosen by Washington State Poet Laureate Todd Marshall to appear in April of this year in his anthology WA129. It¹s a collection of Washington State poets. I was honored to be chosen. [Find his poetry on Amazon.] 


I have been the evening janitor
            in a college I graduated from,
            walking the dark night buildings
            behind a broom and the lines of dirt
            that intellectuals discard during every day.
I have washed their stark white thoughts
            off blackboards and sat
            with a Camel dangling in my lips,
            feet up on desk, to read
            Henry Miller's exquisite Chaos of experience,
            Tropic of Cancer,
            nothing to be jacked off at.
Two turds in a punch bowl, on a platter,
            two turds in the plugged up toilet.
            Some big horse of a professor drops
            these huge turds almost every day,
            and they clog up the system over
            and over again while I plunge and
            plunge and plunge to keep the system
            fluid. It's my job.

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