Francesca Tronetti, 11/12/2018

Current Occupation: Curator of Lake Shore Railway Historical Society Museum
Former Occupation: Adult Education, English as a Second Language
Contact Information: Educator and historian with a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Religion. Contributor to Return to Mago magazine and Erie Reader, local alternative paper. Hosts an organic gardening and green living show on a community radio station.



Gone Job Fishing

The job hunt
Such a weird concept
If it’s a hunt, then why am I unarmed
Why is success in the hands of my quarry
I find the listing
It looks like a good job
I send them my resume and references
And a write a new cover letter, selling myself
And then I wait
Rejection, looking for someone else
Rejection, decided to go in another direction
Rejection, I don’t even know why, they never called
I think it’s fishing
You put some bait on the hook
Cast it out into a lake, where you can’t see the fish
Hoping you’ll attract that one job that will be your prize
Yes, the job fish
That’s an accurate title
Bait your hook with buzzwords galore
To land yourself that prize-winning fish, I mean job
But, along the way
You may hook jobs you don’t want
Why did you even apply, you’ll never take it
It is that you want to be the one rejecting them
12 applications sent
One rejection right away
Checking my email every two hours
Reeling in the line to see if I’ve got a nibble
Love to stay and chat
But 20 more postings just went up
Looking through the listings for buzzwords to use
Checking all my references, which ones should I send?

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