Fran Abrams, 4/6/2020

Current Occupation: Artist and poet
Former Occupation: Director of Grants, Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, MD
Contact Information: Fran Abrams, Rockville, MD, has been a visual artist for the past 20 years. She retired in 2010 from her day job writing legislation, regulations and other bureaucratic necessities. In 2016, she began writing poetry to satisfy her need to write. She attends classes at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, MD, and goes to many of the readings and open mics in the DC metropolitan area. She was a juried poet at Houston Poetry Fest in October 2019 and a featured reader at DiVerse Gaithersburg (MD) Poetry Reading Series in December 2019. Visit for more about her work.



When Siri and Alexa go out to lunch

they always eat at the best restaurants
and never wait in line
They enjoy themselves sharing stories
about the questions people ask.
Alexa, what is the location of the fountain of youth?
Siri, where did I leave my striped boxers?
They laugh knowing that their high-paying jobs
had to be filled by women. Of course.
Who else knows all the answers?
Should you contact Siri while she is out,
you will learn that the weather
in Minneapolis is 40 degrees and sunny,
even if that's not what you wanted to know.
While Alexa is at lunch, every question
will be answered with
I am away from my desk.
Please contact my Google Assistant.
When Alexa and Siri walk out of the restaurant,
they leave behind only a trail of electrons.

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