Emilie Lindemann, 10/12/2009

Current Occupation: writing instructor
Former Occupation: cashier, women’s clothing department clerk
Contact Information: Emilie Lindemann is a Ph.D. candidate in English-Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her poems have appeared in Columbia Poetry Review and the Blue Canary.

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Two for One Panties

Suddenly all the post-menopausal women in the city have run out of underwear. They stream in on the wide arms of shopping carts to tear back menstrual rainbows. You finger panties–white, nylon, and tent-like that will ride off into the dusk of the parking lot. Full-bodied stars. You run your fingers over the seams to check for security tags. Bar codes beam ruby rays against your cheek. How is it that you’ve never before longed for more coverage? That, until now, you’ve never wished for supple, seamless sails?

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