Dr. Johnny Wow, 5/24/2010

Current Occupation: retired, now a full-time artist
Former Occupation: printer for 31 years, machine operator/laborer in aluminum plant, sawmill, machine shops, restaurants, warehouses. He was also a TA while working on an MFA, briefly a cook on towboats, and substitute schoolteacher.
Contact Information: Dr. JohnnyWow! earned his BA and MFA in Art during the 1960s. He recently acquired a Doctorate in Metaphysics, and has become a Certified Holistic Practitioner and Para-Psychological Counselor. He has self-published 6 booklets, available upon request.
Dr. JohnnyWow! dedicates the remainder of his life to improving contemporary society by joyously exploiting gullibility and expanding the realm of hypocrisy. The Good Doctor augments the monthly display of his paintings and drawings with a wide range of his Transformational Personal Enhancement products and services. These franchise opportunities are created for those individuals seeking a more perfect response to the joys of life. The programs are intended to enable participants to create and experience a state of normally perfect bliss, no matter how fleeting.


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