Don Cauble, 2/12/2018

Current Occupation: retired
Former Occupation: offset printer
Contact Information: About myself, poet Tom Kryss once wrote: "He was born on the Left Bank, under the sign of the bomb, with a cricket in his ear."  Dancing Moon Press recently published my latest book: On the backs of seahorses' eyes / Journey of a man through time: New and selected poems and other storybook tales 1962-2012.



A job?

A job, you say?  I should get a job!

For 30 years I worked in a print shop.
A decent job.  (As jobs go.)

Did this job alter my spiritual vision,
my destiny, my feelings on life?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

But now what?

I have yet to write all the poems
that I need to say, 
to express "being here."

A job?  No wonder so many poets 
and writers drink themselves to death.

Or jump off bridges.

Or shoot and kill themselves,
like d. a. levy: a Cleveland promise,
now destined to become a footnote
in the annals of poetry,
as the world lurches onward.

But each man's life, 
each woman's,
each child's dream, 
as a singular expression of life, 
individual, unique.

A job, you say?

As if crafting a book of poems
is not a night and day job!


2 comments on “Don Cauble, 2/12/2018
  1. Jessica Reynolds says:

    Our life can be a work of art, each moment a spiritual adventure. . . or not. That’s job enough for me too! Here’s to Love, Life and this moment of art.

    Well done Mr. Cauble ?

  2. Tricia Knoll says:

    Day and night job indeed.

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