David S. Pointer, 10/7/2013

Current Occupation: Unemployed
Former Occupation: Part-Time Sociology Instructor
Contact Information: David S. Pointer was the son of a piano playing bank robber. David later served in the Marine military police. David’s first paying job was summer hay hauling at age 12. He later earned a master’s degree in sociology. David’s still searching for a job with a living wage, socially just pay, a capitalistic wage or something similar. He can be reached at dspointer@hotmail.com.


Blood Bank Refugee

Homeless shelter meatloaf
looked like school cafeteria
crumb cake, so Ronnie hit
the two blood banks often as
allowed for grocery money
until he drops at a day labor
job site where the employer
sends him back to temp zone
while the pay clerk calculates
lower weekly total wages, and
severs it all into breadlessness


Money Movers

I asked myself
was it Tacitus
who said dei
adsunt (the gods
aid the stronger)
as my little pay
checks morphed
into smaller plastic
pay cards before
disappearing with
each dismantled
factory and pension
retirement fund, and
the pallet guards of
the warehouse area
are pushing another
generation of employee
off leased lands like
rickshaw men from
a family farm


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