Darrell Petska, 2/16/2015

Current Occupation: Family Guy/Writer/Wayfarer

Former Occupation: Engineering copywriter and editor

Contact Information:  Darrell Petska worked more than 30 years as an engineering copywriter and editor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before academia he worked as a psychiatric tech/caseworker and nursing home evaluator. His writings have appeared in San Pedro River ReviewAbout Place JournalLummoxHEArt OnlineBlast Furnace, and elsewhere.



Another Rant While Making His Rounds

I'm a busy man.
           I have no patience for
           potted plants that sit around
           doing nothing,
           like worthless employees.

I can see the point in
plants that trap and
eat their prey.
There's a service done.

           I don't knock my wife's
           quick to protect their assets,
           however small.

And that tall cactus beside my desk
cuts foolish chatter.

           Other than that,
           the only utility I see in a plant
           is eating it,
           and given the choice,
I'll always take meat.

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