Danny P. Barbare, 8/17/2015

Current Occupation: Custodian
Former Occupation: Mail Delivery at a Company
Contact Information: Danny P. Barbare works as a custodian at a Y in Simpsonville, SC. He has been writing poetry for almost 34 years. His poetry has been nominated for Best of Net and has won The Jim Gitting's Award. He has a new book of poetry "Christmas Poems" available through amazon.com. His poetry has recently appeared in Rhubarb, Lost Coast Review, Santa Clara Review, Friends Journal, Huizache, DoveTales, Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel Contemporary Appalachian Writing, and many other online and print journals, including Work Literary Magazine in 2014.& 2012.



The Janitor at Work
Like a window in a frame
It is easy to daydream
Especially when it is sunny outside
So clean it
Look into the reflection
And imagine
The greenest of trees and fields
A rose garden
A mockingbird
And tiny finches in the grass
That were thought to be leaves.
And hopefully,
That makes work a little easier.

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