Dan Leicht, 10/5/2015

Current Occupation: Ordering and Receiving Clerk, Freelance Writer
Former Occupation: Dishwasher, Cook
Contact Information: Dan Leicht often writes poetry as well as fiction, both of which can be found at either one of his websites, DanLeicht.com & Deeliopunk.com. Other than writing fiction Dan also works as a freelance writer, writing consistently for both 585 Magazine and All-Comic.com. His collection of short stories titled Blissfire, as well as various ebooks, can be found on Amazon.com.



"For your writing"

Boiling three eggs
to eat them hard-boiled
the last meal of the day
at noon
the fridge now empty
the next check not due until next Friday
for the article written three weeks ago
the check will cover food for a week
but not rent
rent still needs to be paid
already a month late
Jean won't be as forgiving this next time

Spent six hours at the coffee shop
on Saturday
using the free Wi-Fi
had to order two cups of coffee
to stay in character
while using the laptop I got for free
from a friend
this is the second time I've gotten a free laptop
from a friend
they buy a new one and hand me the old
"For your writing"
and I'll tap the keys
until the day the screen shuts off
and costs two-hundred dollars to fix

Countless words have been trapped
in the screens gone black

A friend came over yesterday
left his bottle here
after we each shared a glass
"For your writing"
he said when I asked him why

She let me love her for months
then left for another
her only explanation being
"For your writing"

the last check
was twenty dollars short
the explanation
"For your writing"


One comment on “Dan Leicht, 10/5/2015
  1. tim dyson says:

    I liked most of this poem. It’s stronger as it moves forward and closes well. It’s so tough to write a good poem. This is a solid effort.

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