D.S. Jones, 6/30/2014

Former Occupation: Heavy Aircraft Maintenance.
Current Occupation: Freelance Writer.
Contact Information: Enigmatic, outspoken, and angst-ridden, D.S. Jones is a writer published in Black Heart Magazine, Shotgun Honey, and the Told You So Anthology from Pill Hill Press. Visit thepoetdsjones.com to learn more, or follow him on Twitter @thedsjones.



Paper Thin


life has washed me down

to a paper thin

postcard in-shape of

a man you know

like those

cutout sports

heroes used

to sell shoes,

but the only thing

I am selling is my

life away—one

hour at a time

to the man

who owns this

place (hangar)

and the cards

on the others

hanging out

to dry

with me

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