Chandramohan S, 9/21/2015

Current Occupation: Organizer at PK Rosi Foundation
Former Occupation:Student
Contact Information: Chandramohan S (born 1986) is an Indian English Dalit poet. His first collection of poems were Warscape Verses (Authorspress, 2014) .His second collection "Letters to Namdeo Dhassal" is forthcoming.



Grapes of Wrath

(A poem on migrant laborers in Kerala)


The displaced of capital have come to the capital- Anne Winters


Faceless migrant lads

Tread landscapes of tongues

To be greeted with a lisping embrace

At God's own country.





Make in India

(Labour under attack) 


The lumpen proletariat

The sweat of his brow evaporates

To condense back to the bottles

At beverages corporation,


The frail frame of his wife

Is his daily punching bag.

Does he have a title to defend?



Elegy for the slain bloggers

(Also P.Murugan)

You see some people are afraid of light




You heard what happened to him?

So we have decided to collectively

Scream against this darkness,

Our sound waves collide.


If we are in sync

The through bottom up

The crests add up

We are heard loud



If our screams are

Not in sync

We cancel each other out

Our shadows intersect,

The void of the Umbra.


We become him.

Confirm or perish.




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