Cameron Gorman, 10/31/2016

Current Occupation: Student Reporter and Resume Reviser
Former Occupation: Department Store Salesperson, Coffee Maker
Contact Information: Cameron Gorman is a student at Kent State University in Ohio, majoring in Journalism. She spends nearly all of her free time writing poetry and prose- when she's not working.




At the office

I want to be respectable


So I wear flat shoes,


I feel like an orb

A soft mass in a fragile,

hard shell, a white and chalky oval.


One wrong thing I say-

Maybe if I don't say enough-

I will puncture and spill, come splitting out,


Vibrant and sickly,

gel and yolk of yellow anxiousness,

my facade crashing down,

leaving nothing but a memory of the unmarred ivory

that might have been



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